6 Tips to Defeat the Cold at Home in a Natural Way

We can beat colds at home with some simple tips and natural remedies. Discover them in this article.

In this article, we share with you 6 tips for overcoming colds at home in a natural way. We can help relieve these viral infections with some simple tips, home remedies and, most importantly, rest and recovery.

Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract causes a lot of discomfort and discomfort during these days. However, these tips will help us reduce symptoms and speed up the healing process.

6 tips to defeat the cold at home in a natural way:

1. Do not take antibiotics:

First, we must point out that a cold is a viral infection and it is therefore unnecessary and even dangerous to take antibiotics. They are intended for the treatment of bacterial infections.

The main symptom of a cold is inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. It can affect the nose, throat, trachea, larynx, sinuses and even the ears. Therefore, the remedies or medications we take will focus on relieving those discomforts.

2. What are the effective remedies?

Some natural remedies can help us defeat colds at home. There are medicinal foods that are distinguished by their antiviral, decongestant or expectorant properties that can be very useful:

  • Ginger : an expectorant remedy that also provides a lot of heat to the body to help eliminate it from infection
  • Garlic : raw garlic is a powerful remedy against viruses
  • Cinnamon Ceylon : this spice is expectorant, anti-inflammatory and antiviral
  • Lemon : relieves congestion
  • Cayenne Pepper : Although it is a very spicy remedy, in small quantities, it strengthens the immune system and fights congestion
  • Honey bee : relieves coughing and facilitates the expulsion of mucus
  • Licorice : it has expectorant, antitussive, antiviral and emulsifying properties (protection of the mucous membranes)

3. Hydrate yourself:

To defeat the common cold at home, it is essential to stay well hydrated. In addition, this simple advice will help us to thin the mucus and thus relieve congestion.

In addition to water, we can also take infusions of the medicinal plants mentioned above. We can also opt for homemade soups and fruit and vegetable juices.

4. Keep the airways moist:

Another tip for overcoming colds at home is to keep the airways moist. In this way, we prevent, among other things, dry coughs and sore throats.

One way to do this is to use an ambient air humidifier. Some even give us the possibility to add essential oils, in which case we can choose essences of eucalyptus, lemon, pine or oregano.

Another option would be to breathe vapors to open, clear and moisten the airways directly. Thanks to the eucalyptus vapors, for example, we can get immediate relief.

5. Rest to conquer colds at home:

The cold is also a sign of our body, by which he asks us to rest. A cold can pass without gravity as a depurative process of the body, provided you follow these tips.

If we are forced to continue working or maintain our usual routine, the only thing we will get is to make the symptoms worse and the cold longer. In addition, we run the risk of suffering from complications.

Take a few days for yourself. Prepare herbal infusions, cover well to avoid temperature changes, and rest as much as your body requires. Avoid going out of your home or any toxic habit.

6. Do I need to see a doctor? 

Finally, it is important to go to the doctor if:

  • The person with colds is a potential risk patient, such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, or people with some kind of illness
  • We have too much trouble breathing
  • The mucus we spit changes color and is no longer whitish
  • We feel pain or discomfort in our ears
  • The fever is greater than 39 ° , it lasts more than 4 days or reappears after disappearing.
  • If we have other symptoms than colds or feel a lot of discomfort
  • The cough does not disappear over the days or is too strong

With these simple tips, we can beat colds at home while allowing our bodies to rest. Medicinal foods and some remedies will help us get back on our feet in a few days.