Everything You Need to Know About Hair Fall

When the hair falls, it is necessary to pay attention to some factors that may be causing this annoying circumstance and to remedy it so that it does not get worse.

There are some illnesses that cause hair loss, why your hair constantly falling and you do not realize it. Hair loss sometimes reflects certain problems that we do not usually associate with this circumstance.

However, knowing the causes of hair loss will help you solve the problem.

Sometimes the hair loss is quite normal. We must take into account that we all lose on average 100 hairs a day. That should not worry us unless the number is much higher.

A person with very long hair and a person with short hair will not have the same hair loss. We will also have to take this into account so that we do not worry about it for no reason.

The reasons for extreme hair loss:

In this article, we will see why your hair falls and possible solutions, in case it is possible to solve this problem.

Stress, one of the reasons for hair loss:

Many people suffer from anxiety cause hair loss. It’s a natural reaction that alerts you to something that needs to be corrected quickly.

What happens if we do not solve this stress problem or if it becomes chronic? We can suffer from alopecia or even baldness.

Hair loss due to stress cannot be solved by means of a specialized shampoo.

It is necessary to manage your stress, and once it is under control, you can start a treatment to strengthen your hair and find their density.

You suffer from seborrheic dermatitis:

The seborrheic dermatitis is often a consequence of the previous pattern. Stress can be itchy in the head, scalp and, in the most severe cases, sores, because you cannot help but scratch.

Dermatitis weakens and affects the skin of the scalp and dry scalp cause hair loss, hair follicles are affected, inflamed and are unable to hold the hair properly. As a result, it falls and we lose capillary density.

The solution is:

  • Deal first with the causes that may be causing this problem, for example, stress
  • Find the right product that eliminates itching and solves this problem
  • Start a process to recover the density in the hair and prevent it from falling

Seasonal changes, other reasons for hair loss:

You may not be in one of the above circumstances, but there are two times of the year when you suffer from sudden extreme hair loss irretrievably.

This is especially true in spring and fall.

Even though seasonal hair loss may be a concern, we do not have to worry about it. It is something momentary that will not last in time and that is related to the time of the year we are.

The hair lost due to seasonal changes are recovering. So you do not have to worry about this fall. In addition, your hair naturally renews itself. Only then do they fall more abundantly.

You can also consult a dermatologist who will tell you if the hair loss is temporary and you do not have to worry or if you have to start a treatment.

Sometimes, the reasons for hair loss are the result of poor diet, hormonal changes, vitamin deficiency causes hair loss, heavy hair fall due to dandruff, hair dye cause hair loss, autoimmune diseases that cause hair loss, washing hair with hot water causes baldness, metabolic or simply genetic problems.

Do you know why your hair falls? Do you know the times of the year when they fall the most and when they fall the least?

Be aware that most hair problems can be easily resolved, especially if treated on time.