Headaches and Migraines: How to Avoid Them?

Summer heat can severely increase the recurrence of headaches and migraines. There is no quick fix, but some tips can help you avoid these painful episodes.

A real puzzle:

Women are three times more likely to experience head pain than men, in part because of hormonal fluctuations that disrupt cranial nerve endings. But that’s not all. Summer temperatures widen the blood vessels that apply pressure on the hyper-sensitive nerve endings of the head.

Experts cannot agree on the reason for headaches and other migraines. Moreover, no treatment seems globally satisfactory. But there are some ways to avoid some sneaky triggers.

What to do / avoid:

Summer heat can severely increase the recurrence of headaches and migraines. There is no quick fix, but some tips can help you avoid these painful episodes.

Triggers and solutions for migraines:

To skip a meal:

 To skip breakfast, lunch or dinner lowers blood sugar, triggering a chain reaction in the body. The imbalanced hormones signal that the cerebral cortex emits waves that tingle these sensitive nerves.

Solution: If you do not have time to cook three big meals a day, try eating six smaller, simpler meals every two or three hours. The key in all cases: Eat before feeling hungry, and avoid sugary snacks that turn your carbohydrate levels into Russian mountains. And finally, drink plenty of water . Dehydration can also lead to headaches.

Flowers and perfumes:

 Strong odors, even pleasant, can be the starting point of headaches in more than 40% of people prone to migraines. Some odors can ignite the blood vessels in the nasal passages and activate the nerves in the part of the brain that processes the sensory information.

Solution: Escape them. If you suspect strong odors to trigger headaches, try using fragrance-free products for a few weeks. Then reintroduce your usual products one by one to find the infamous migraine trigger.


 For some, he is guilty, for others not. While a small amount of caffeine helps to boost the effect of medications to calm headaches, drinking too much coffee can trigger very violent repetitions.

Solution: Drink less, simply. Depending on your sensitivity level, you may not need to stop the coffee completely. Limit your intake to about 200 milligrams of caffeine a day (about two cups of coffee) to help prevent headaches. Keep in mind that you can also get the benefits of caffeine in something other than a cup of coffee.


 Spending time on a screen – a tablet, a laptop, or a TV – can severely excite the blood vessels in your brain. Most gadgets emit glare that stimulates cranial nerves and releases inflammatory neurotransmitters. In simple terms? They give you a headache. In addition, muscle tension due to prolonged posture in front of a computer is also responsible for headaches.

Solution: Surf or zap covered!  Screen protectors prevent dazzling and therefore headaches. In addition to being cheap, they are everywhere and they are adaptable to all screens.

Eat the leftovers:

 Many foods, especially those high in protein, contain a natural chemical called Tyramine. When the food is fresh, this component is not a problem. But levels increase with time, and excess Tyramine causes the blood vessels in the brain to swell. Warning: Many aged cheeses are very rich in Tyramine.

Solution: Eat fresh. If you think that food may be a trigger, avoid aged cheeses (blue, brie) and opt for fresh cheeses (cottage, cream). The heat promotes the development of tyramine, so never leave protein-rich leftovers at room temperature.


 But also the headbands and tight braids. Tying too tight hair pulls on the tissues of your scalp, initiating the kind of muscular and nervous tension that causes headaches.

Solution: Let go of the flange. Research shows that some women experience immediate relief by detaching their hair (others feel better within the hour). If you have to wear hair tied – say, at the office or at the gym – opt for a classy messy bun or a less stressful ponytail.

Express solution:

 You will obviously be tempted to take a medicine. But they do not always work. Other solutions are however very effective immediately. Ice can numb pain and help contract sore blood vessels. 

Apply a cold gel pocket to the temples and enjoy relief. For some people, noise and bright light can turn an annoying headache into an unbearable migraine. Put yourself calm and in the dark before it turned to migraine …