How to work your abdominal muscles without damaging your back?

To properly perform abdominals, it is essential to control breathing and protect the back of the floor. Check out other tips in this article.

The abdominal muscles are those that cover the area of ​​the wall of the abdomen. They are composed of the white line, the serratus, the oblique, the pyramidal of the abdomen and the right. They are responsible for the stability of the body and the protection of internal organs, among others.

The exercises to work the abdominal muscles are very fashionable at the moment, not only for health but also for aesthetics. Who does not want to wear a flat stomach and firm? However, many people do not know how to do this exercise properly.

This causes back pain, especially in the lumbar region. That’s why we explain in this article some very simple tips to work the abdominal muscles without damaging the back.

First step: control breathing:

To work properly the abdominal muscles, it is essential to maintain a good breathing. A common mistake is to hold your breath during exercise.

Nevertheless, the ideal is to inspire before making the abdominal contraction and to exhale while contracting. It is recommended to breathe out by blowing through the mouth, letting out the air little by little.

This is because if you hold your breath, you increase the pressure on the abdomen because of the diaphragm effort. If you add to that the pressure you achieve with the exercise, you can even incite a hernia.

Be careful with the lumbar area during abs:

Lower back pain is one of the most common discomforts among the adult population. This is mainly due to the type of life we ​​lead. A sedentary lifestyle and poor postures at work are the main causes. Nevertheless, working the abdominal muscles in an incorrect way can make the problem worse instead of helping to strengthen this area.

This is why it is necessary to be particularly vigilant during the exercise. First of all, the ideal is to use a carpet to protect your back from the ground . In addition, if the exercise is based on raising your legs, be careful not to take off your back. For this, you can place your hands under your buttocks, so it will be easier to prevent your back from taking off.

In addition, if you have problems in the lumbar area, it is recommended to replace conventional abdominal exercises with other exercises. Planks or hypopressive exercises are excellent alternatives. These are static exercises that improve both lumbar and abdominal muscle tone, without forcing the vertebrae.

Do abdominals without straining the neck:

The classic abdominal exercises in which you are on the back and you bring the trunk to your knees, it is very common to force on the cervical. When trying to bring the trunk, one often forces with the neck or with the back. This can cause damage to your neck .

To avoid this,  it is essential to focus on the contraction of your abdominal muscles. You can let your hands support your neck without asking for it. If you already have neck problems, it is better for you to perform leg movements, leaving your head resting on the floor.

The best abs to avoid hurting yourself:

As we mentioned, classical abdominal exercises are those where you are on the back and where you bring the trunk to the knees. However, there are many other ways to work the area of ​​the abdomen. In fact, these are much less dangerous exercises for your back and neck.

For example, sheathing exercises . They consist of placing you on your stomach, using the forearms and the tips of your feet. You must form a straight line with your body, without lifting your buttocks or letting them fall. You can do sets of 30 seconds or a minute. During the exercise, you can even include variants, such as lifting one leg and then the other, alternating.

You can also try the sideboards. To achieve them, you must first lie on one of your flanks, with one leg on the other. Using your forearm, lift your hip and place your body straight. You can raise a hand towards the ceiling. You will thus work the obliques in a considerable way.

In conclusion:

If you want to have a nice belly and improve your stability and posture, the ideal is to perform abdominals. But you have to consider these tips. Try to control your breathing, focus your strength on the abdomen and protect your back . This will help you avoid lumbar and cervical injuries and make the area work more efficiently.