Maybe It’s Because Your Car’s Air Conditioner Stinks

Of course, air conditioning is essential when driving a car. Furthermore, the hot temperature in Indonesia necessitates the need of air conditioning. However, if the state of your car’s air conditioner generates an unpleasant stench, you should replace it. This will cause a hiccup in your journey. One of the issues that automobile owners may confront is an unpleasant odour in the vehicle cooling system. Finding the source of the odour is one solution to this problem.

The Following are the Causes of an Unpleasant Odour from the Automobile Air Conditioner:

1 A Filthy Evaporator:

The evaporator, which is filthy and sticky, is the initial source of a stinky automobile air conditioner. When the environment is unclean, mould and bacteria can grow. The more fungus and germs there are, the sooner your automobile air conditioner will smell nasty. This reason is usually accompanied by other unpleasant scents. Leaks can also occur in evaporators. There will be a scent if it is like this. However, a distinct freon odour arises. The worse the odour, the larger the leak and the remaining freon. What you need do next is clean the evaporator as thoroughly as possible.

2 Tobacco Smoke:

If you are a smoker, do not smoke in your automobile. Because you will leave a cigarette odour trail that will adhere to numerous sections of the car, including the seats, ceilings, carpets, and the car dashboard, as well as causing the car air conditioner to smell. It stinks, and it’s also tough to clean. If you want your car’s air conditioner to smell pleasant, avoid smoking in it and maintain your vehicle clean at all times.

4 Fragrance of Poor Quality:

Every automobile driver is required to put a scent or perfume in the car’s air conditioner. Although scents give a nice aroma to breathe, they can sometimes generate disagreeable aromas. The major reason is that the fragrance’s quality is quite low. High alcohol levels might also cause the automobile air conditioner to smell sour. Pay attention to the scent that you purchase to employ for this purpose. Make sure the alcohol concentration is not too high and that the wine is of great quality.

5 Inadequate Ventilation:

While driving, you may have smelled exhaust smoke or rubbish. Similarly, the atmosphere is filthy. However, if you have sufficient window ventilation, you can prevent all of this. Various scents from outside the automobile might enter the cabin if the quality is poor. It will undoubtedly make you feel uncomfortable during the trip.

6 Carcasses of Animals:

Aside from the explanations mentioned above, animal carcasses can also be the source of a stinky automobile air conditioner. It is unquestionable that when a car is parked overnight, creatures such as mice, lizards, or cockroaches may enter. If it is dead, the scent of carrion is particularly strong and pierces the nostrils. If it’s like this, whether you like it or not, you’ll have to search numerous sections of the automobile to determine the location of the animal carcass.

However, if the automobile air conditioner generates an unpleasant odour, you must act immediately. Here’s How It Works:

Replace Car Perfume:

The first method is to replace the perfume in the automobile. One of the sources of foul scents in automobile air conditioners might be a low grade car deodorizer. Change the vehicle perfume on a regular basis to keep the car air conditioner from emitting an unpleasant stench.

AC Ducts Should Be Cleaned:

If the odour continues after replacing the perfume, clean the automobile AC duct. This must be considered since bacteria and fungus are frequently found clinging to AC ducts. Cleaning the AC duct does not have to be rushed. Do it slowly and carefully, striving to get all the way to the end. This should be done on a frequent basis to limit the growth of germs and fungus.

Evaporator Should Be Cleaned:

One of the elements that causes the automobile air conditioner to create an unpleasant odour is a filthy evaporator. Bacteria and fungus proliferate more quickly when exposed to moist or damp circumstances on a constant basis. Of course, this will cause the automobile air conditioner to create an unpleasant stench. To avoid this, keep the car’s evaporator clean on a regular basis. Cleaning the evaporator, in particular, will be tough for regular people. Take the automobile to the nearest car AC repair shop to reduce mistakes.

Alter the Cabin Filter:

The cabin filter in the automobile air conditioner filters the air to remove dirt and dust, making the air cleaner. If this cabin filter is not cleaned for an extended period of time, it will emit an unpleasant stench. Motorists will be uneasy if they see animal corpses, such as flies or lizards, adhering to the filter. If this is the case, you should change the cabin filter right away.

Check the Refrigerant:

The final thing you can do to get rid of persistent automobile air conditioner scents is to check the refrigerant. A leak in the refrigerant or other AC components in the automobile will result in a considerably more unpleasant stench. The remedy is to replenish the leaking refrigerant. Refrigeration requires special care in its maintenance; if it is not examined on a regular basis, it will simply exacerbate the problem and force you to spend more money on replacement prices.