Slimming diet: 5 mistakes that lead you to failure

Did you know that abusing certain healthy foods as part of a slimming diet may also prevent you from achieving the desired results?

Being constantly looking for ways to lose the extra pounds is a task that requires time, effort and a lot of consistency. If you are currently following a slimming diet, find out here what mistakes should not be made.

Some of us achieve the desired results through a slimming diet, but this is not the case for everyone … Rest assured! We explain here how to obtain satisfactory results.

The reasons for overweight people to lose weight are varied. Some of them do it for aesthetic reasons : they want to improve their physical appearance. Others do it for the sake of health: they want to enjoy a better quality of life.

There are diets of all types: with carbohydrates, no carbohydrates, no meat, a week, a month …. The dilemma is which one fits our needs and how to control the achievement of goals in order to avoid stagnation , a very uncomfortable situation.

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it should be remembered that our genes play a determining role in our weight loss process . The genes exert, in fact, an influence at the level of the metabolism in different ways.

Some people tend to store more fat than others while following a similar diet. That’s why some people gain weight despite having followed a diet low in carbohydrates.

If that sounds like something to you, keep reading this article. Certain factors prevent the proper development of a slimming diet and thus achieve the desired results. Here are five tips for your slimming diet to end in a win.

1. Slimming diet: you count the calories but not the nutritional intake of each food:

Counting calories in foods can help you lose weight . Nevertheless, this is not the only information you need to consider when choosing the foods you consume.

It is also necessary to evaluate the quality of the nutrients brought. Some low-calorie foods are far from ideal in a healthy diet. Read the labels of food products and find out about these products. This will give your body optimal operating conditions.

Some nutritionists claim that women must consume 1200 calories a day, and men 1500 calories a day. To do this, you must make sure that the foods you eat together provide all the macro-nutrients your body needs.

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2. You do not pay attention at the weekend:

Slimming food programs include the ability to make discrepancies at one time or another. This means that we can consume a “forbidden” food such as, for example, a pastry. Generally, a gap per week is allowed, but it depends on the characteristics and goals of the person.

If you allow yourself a gap every day or throughout the weekend, we assure you that you will not get any results with your slimming diet.

Eating a little more in the evening than the recommended portion and having a glass of wine on the weekend will not cause you any problems. On the other hand, if you devour an entire pizza in the evening or drink a whole bottle of wine, all efforts will have been in vain because of the excessive amount of calories.

3. You forget or avoid eating breakfast:

Skipping breakfast is one of the most common mistakes made by people wanting to lose weight.

Starting the day with a good breakfast will allow you to balance your hunger throughout the day. Therefore, consuming fewer calories at the first meal will make you consume more at subsequent meals. You will not feel full and you will lack energy and motivation to perform your activities.

Plus, having a healthy breakfast speeds up metabolism and helps burn fat .

4. You choose poorly your sources of protein:

From a genetic point of view, humans react differently to food.

Some sources of protein are high in saturated fats (especially pork and beef). So, if you want to lose weight, you need to eat protein from fish, poultry, legumes and tofu.

5. You abuse good fats:

All excess is bad . This is valid for all aspects of life, and even more so for food. If you do not get the results you expect when you eat only healthy foods, it may be because you eat too much.

For example, the olive oil is a healthy fat that gives the heart the best conditions to work well. Nevertheless, if you consume large amounts every day, you make a mistake: this is bad for your body.

It is therefore essential to control the amount of fat, whether good or bad. Do not abuse.

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It is essential to know your body to achieve your goals. Fortunately, for each individual there is a food program adapted to their needs and characteristics. You now understand why the help of a professional is needed.

If you do not get the results you expect from your slimming diet, change what you think needs to change and seek help from a specialist.

Keep in mind that fruits and vegetables can not be lacking in your diet. These foods contain vitamins and minerals that will nourish you and help you feel full.