The best tips and exercises to teach your kids how to swim

When you teach your children how to swim, it is important that they think of it as a recreational activity and not an obligation. so, they will do it with more enthusiasm.

Swimming is one of the healthiest and most complete sports. It stimulates almost all the muscles of the body. In this article, we give you some tips to teach your children how to swim.

At the same time, it can become a highly recommended recreational activity. Sharing family moments in the pool is an experience you’ll remember all your life.

Learn to swim to your children without fear:

The first obstacle you may encounter when you want to teach your children how to swim is fear . To do this, it’s a good idea to start familiarizing them with the water as soon as possible.

The best way is to make the situation normal, to allow the child to discover the water with his parents. In this way, they will feel confident and begin to relax and enjoy the activity.

A good way to make your child feel safe is first to make him evolve in very shallow water. In other words, in a pool where he can stand up and not have the sensation of sinking.

It is also important that the water temperature is warm enough because the skin is more sensitive and needs to feel comfortable in the water. In this way, in the company of his parents, he will be ready to start!

Breathing exercises in the bathtub:

The bathtub of the house is the ideal place for the first breathing exercises. Playing to inhale through the nose and then release the air under water while making bubbles is the main method of breathing to learn to swim.

In addition, the bathtub can be the ideal place to put your head under the water and feel this sensation. For example, a very interesting game may be to put in the bottom of the bath a toy he must find by diving. Learning while playing is always the best way to introduce children to something new.

But in no case should you force or force a child to dive or put the head under water. His learning must be a natural and gradual process, and the child will make progress at his own pace.

There are more careless or brave children and others who have a more fearful personality. In both cases, they can become great swimmers if we know how to respect and motivate their learning .

Learn to swim in the pool:

The first contact with the pool to teach your children to swim may be to sit on the edge and put your legs in the water.

This way, the child will get used to the temperature of the water and start to splash or kick in the water.

After a while, you can encourage him to come with you and, still supporting him, to accompany him to a place where he will walk and start walking in the water.

A trend that has proven to be very effective is to minimize the use of floats. Floats often create an addiction that is very difficult to eliminate later. In addition, they give a false impression of buoyancy and hinder to swim.

The first displacements:

The child should consider the activity as something fun. We should never go beyond his limits or be angry if he does not do the exercise well. The first trips will be games, depending on the age and abilities of each child.

  • Movement between parents : over a short distance, which will increase over time, we place the child in a horizontal position and gently propel him towards our spouse. Instinctively, the child will begin to make his first movements
  • Look for a reward : using a ”  fry “, the child stands in a horizontal position. Then he tries to reach a toy. We can start by throwing the toy very close to him, then move him away gradually
  • The plane : the child clings to our neck in the back. We spread our arms by imitating an airplane and we shoot it on the water

With these tips and exercises, you’ll be able to teach your kids how to swim so they can enjoy this healthy and fun activity!